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Your Business + WMCHealth = A Winning Team!

When you partner with the Foundations of Westchester Medical Center Health Network (WMCHealth) you’re not only supporting a great cause that helps your community, but you’re also helping to engage your workforce through team building and adding value to your organization. You’re also showing your employees and potential customers that you support local healthcare. There are many ways to partner with us, from sponsorships to point of sale cause marketing campaigns.

Ways to Partner with Us

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Sponsorships are businesses that sign on as an annual WMCHealth Corporate Philanthropy makes it possible for your family, your employees and your customers get the healthcare they need, when they need it — high-quality care in your community and “next-level” care for more complex conditions at our Network’s flagship hospital, Westchester Medical Center.


Events sponsors choose a specific event they would like You can support the good work we do here at WMCHealth by sponsoring one of our many events. Sponsorships such as these provide an excellent way to contribute, become involved and show your workforce, customers and community that you care about quality healthcare for their families.

Point of Sale Campaigns

Our point-of-sale fundraisers encourage customers to donate to their WMCHealth Hospital at the point of sale. Fundraising in your store is a win-win. It helps our hospital advance local and regional healthcare with investments in facilities, equipment, technology, programs and staff. It also shows people who shop and work at your store that, beyond building your core business, you are here to build a healthier community.

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To learn more about how your business can partner with us, contact Irene Tsetsekos at 914-493-5669 or