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Life Saving Heart Surgery for Yonkers Twins 

Chloe and Contessa Gee of Yonkers underwent heart surgery in July of 2020 when they were two months old …

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Care Close to Home Gives Kingston Resident Piece of Mind

Lana Kaminskaya of Kingston is grateful that she can receive treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer close to home …

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Margaretville Resident Makes Recovery from Serious Fall Thanks to Local Care

Thomas Maulik, 79, is grateful for the high-quality, patient-centered care he received at Margaretville Hospital after a bad fall in November of 2022 …

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New Parkinson’s Treatment at MidHudson Hospital Give Patient More Freedom

Wendy McCarthy of Millbrook has her life back thanks to a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease that is giving her more personal freedom …

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Heart Surgery Results in Happy Ending for Aspiring Actress

Donna James had just retired from her job as an editorial assistant at New York Medical College. After 35 years working at the college, she was looking forward to concentrating on her first love: acting …

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Warwick Man Grateful for Family Care at St. Anthony

Roger Vander Plaat, a 30-year resident of Warwick, knowing that St. Anthony Community Hospital has been there for him and his family has been a great comfort …

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Focus on Philanthropy

Entrepreneur & Philanthropist: Ben Katzenstein

“I try to help people who help other people. Being able to give has been one of my lifelong goals.”

— Donor Ben Katzenstein, President of Star Kay White, whose granddaughter Amelia was cared for at WMCHealth

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