WMCHealth’s 2024 Gala Honors Former Congresswoman Nita Lowey and Regeneron Co-Founder George D. Yancopoulos, MD, PhD

Physicians and nurses also received honors; Gala proceeds support new Critical Care Tower at Westchester Medical Center

L to R: President and CEO of WMCHealth Michael D. Israel, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Chair of the Board of Directors of WMCHealth Zubeen Shroff

VALHALLA N.Y. (June, 2024) – Westchester Medical Center Health Network’s (WMCHealth) 2024 Gala saluted former Congresswoman Nita Lowey, Regeneron President George D. Yancopoulos, MD, PhD, physicians Ivan Miller, MD and Augustine Moscatello, MD, and the dedicated medical/surgical nursing teams at Westchester Medical Center.

The event took place on Saturday, June 1st, at the Caramoor Center for Music and Arts in Katonah, NY. Proceeds from the gala are supporting the new Critical Care Tower at Westchester Medical Center – a modern, five-story facility that will have 128 private, ICU-capable rooms.

Honorees at the event included:

John F. Heimerdinger Lifetime of Service Award

Former Congresswoman Nita Lowey was honored with the John F. Heimerdinger Lifetime of Service Award. During her three decades in Congress, Congresswoman Lowey was a staunch advocate for healthcare, championing increased federal investments in biomedical research on diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s at the National Institutes of Health.

Community Champion Award

George D. Yancopoulos, MD, PhD, Board Co-Chair, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron, was recognized as a Community Champion. Dr. Yancopoulos has been instrumental in the development of Regeneron’s twelve FDA-approved and authorized medicines and numerous technologies that have saved and improved countless lives.

Physician Exemplar Awards

Ivan Miller, MD, Director of Emergency Medicine at Westchester Medical Center, received the Physician Exemplar Award. Dr. Miller was honored for his exceptional dedication to emergency medicine. He oversees all Emergency Departments within the WMCHealth system, tackling the most complex cases in the Hudson Valley and ensuring the provision of top-tier care.

Augustine Moscatello, MD, Director of the Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Westchester Medical Center, was also awarded the Physician Exemplar Award. Dr. Moscatello has participated in over thirty medical missions worldwide, including in Ukraine, Cuba, Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Ethiopia. In the past eighteen months, he has traveled to Ukraine three times, providing critical care to injured civilians and military personnel.

Care Champions Award

The Westchester Medical Center Medical and Surgical Nursing Teams were honored with the Care Champions Award. These dedicated professionals exemplify coordinated and comprehensive care for patients undergoing medical and surgical treatment, demonstrating outstanding expertise and compassion every day.
For a complete list of event sponsors, please visit visit WMCHealth.org/Gala.

Four Children Appointed as Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital Ambassadors

Left: Malory Saki, Rei Saki, Chris Saki, Gabe Saki; Center; Jameson Swankie, Valerie Swankie, Mike Swankie, Dakota Phillips; Right: Valerie Williams, Iyanna Williams; Far Right: Nicole Lucas, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.

Four brave young children were appointed as ambassadors for Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital during a heartwarming ceremony at Clovers Stadium in Pomona, just before a New York Boulders baseball game. As ambassadors the children, all of whom received successful treatment for serious illnesses at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, will represent the thousands of children cared for annually by the hospital.

During the ceremony, 8-year-old Gabe and his 4-year-old sister Rei, along with 4-year-old Jameson and 12-year-old Iyanna, were presented with official sashes and medals by Nicole Lucas, Vice President of Patient Care Services at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.

This year’s ambassadors are:

Gabe and Rei Saki — Congenital Heart issues

Gabe was born with a congenital heart defect – a hole between the two top chambers of his heart called an atrial septal defect. Pediatric cardiology specialists at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital performed a minimally invasive heart technique five days before his third birthday and was released from the hospital after 36 hours. Today, Gabe is thriving. He loves karate lessons, playing Minecraft and Roblox and spending time with friends.

Rei was born with the same congenital heart defect as her brother but because of its smaller size, doctors are closely monitoring it to see if it will close on its own without surgery. So far Rei remains a happy healthy child who can often be found painting, coloring, and dancing.

Iyanna Williams — Kidney Transplant

When Iyanna was 10-year-old she contracted COVID-19 and at that time it was discovered that her kidneys were failing and she needed a transplant. In September of 2023, after a year on the transplant list, a kidney became available and Iyanna underwent a transplant at Westchester Medical Center. After the four-hour surgery, Iyanna recuperated at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and was released within a week. Her family is thankful for her recovery and report that she is a sassy 12-year-old who is excited to be back at school with her friends

Jameson Swankie

When Jameson was born in April of 2020, his parents received the devastating news that he had a large hole in his heart. He was immediately transferred to Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital, where he spent six days in the Neonatal ICU. He underwent heart surgery in July of 2020 for multiple congenital abnormalities and underwent a second surgery in September of 2020 for an obstruction of his left kidney. His parents describe the doctors and nurses at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital as ‘angels on earth.’ Today, Jameson is an energetic 4-year-old who loves dinosaurs, Hot Wheels cars, and watching Bluey and Paw Patrol.