Kelly’s Story: Lifeline to High Quality Care

Kelly Decker has seen time and again how Bon Secours Community Hospital is our tri-state lifeline to high quality healthcare.  As a husband, father, educator, first responder, patient, and the Port Jervis mayor, he understands how important it is that we can count on Bon Secours’ staff for top-notch, compassionate care.

Kelly Decker is beyond grateful to the teams at Bon Secours Community Hospital for providing excellent care and taking the time to patiently explain each step in his treatment. Even during the most stressful days of the pandemic, he said the staff cared for him — and countless others — with respect and kindness. 

“Donations to Bon Secours – from people like us – help ensure that our community continues to receive state-of-the-art healthcare. Let’s stand together to support our local hospital.”

— Kelly Decker, Port Jervis Mayor, Port Jervis Teacher, Lifelong Port Jervis Resident

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Charlene’s Story: Grateful for Bon Secours Personalized Care

For Charlene Trotter, a resident of Port Jervis, the personalized care she and her husband receive at Bon Secours Community Hospital makes all the difference.

“A hospital like ours is not something all communities have,” said Charlene. “My husband and I are continuously impressed with the high-quality, personalized care the Bon Secours doctors and nurses provide. I also love that our healthcare staff are our neighbors—the same people we wave to on the street. When I think of an organization where my support can make an impact, I think of our local hospital!”

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Maryann’s Story: Nurse, Patient and Volunteer at Bon Secours Community Hospital Says Local Hospital Benefits from WMCHealth Services

Maryann Ey was born at Bon Secours Community Hospital in Port Jervis. In the intervening years she has been a patient, a nurse and now a volunteer.

Maryann said that she believes the significance of Bon Secours Community Hospital’s relationship with the Westchester Medical Center Health Network is important because the Network extends the local hospital’s capabilities by giving area residents access to broader resources for more advanced care.

“Support, gratitude and history – when I donate to Bon Secours Community Hospital, I support local healthcare and I share my gratitude with the staff. I also build upon my parents’ history of giving to the hospital,” said Maryann.

“My relationship with our hospital goes back many years. I was born here; I’ve received care here; I was a nurse here for nearly two decades of my 40-year nursing career. Now I volunteer here. I donate to the hospital because it’s one of the most worthy charitable causes in our community.”

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