Final patient from I84 Bus Crash Released from WMC

Hospital staff gathered last month to give a send-off to Aidan Sullivan. The 14-year-old Farmingdale High School student was the final student who was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the I-84 bus crash to be discharged from WMCHealth’s Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.  

Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital celebrated Aidan’s discharge with a “clap out” ceremony attended by dozens of hospital representatives, many of whom were involved in the care of Aidan and his schoolmates. Aidan plays the sousaphone in the school marching band. His family were escorted home by members of the Nassau County Police Department.

More than 40 people were on the bus that crashed on the Interstate near Middletown, NY. Twelve passengers were under the care of WMCHealth’s Westchester Medical Center and Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.  All bus accident patients now have been treated and released.

Karen’s Story: Pure Gold

Karen Gauvin knows the ins and outs of great healthcare. She spent much of her career working in hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation and home care. 

Her high regard for the staff at St. Anthony Community Hospital mostly comes from her father’s multiple inpatient stays there. “The staff are amazing,” Karen said, “I was impressed straight through all aspects of Dad’s care. He received excellent medical attention and was much loved.”

Karen now works in real estate in Warwick. The hospital is one of her selling points. “I always talk about St. Anthony; it is pure gold, right here in the heart of Warwick!”

Also a member of the hospital’s Foundation, Karen said that she hopes community members appreciate the importance of doing what they can – large or small – to support local healthcare. “We are a nonprofit that uses contributions to advance health services, and every contribution helps make a difference. I donate and serve on the Foundation because I am grateful, I want to give back and I want to do my part to make Warwick an even better community.”

Karen Gauvin is a Warwick resident, Bon Secours Warwick Health Foundation Board of Directors member, Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner, OUR HOUSE Real Estate Group, LLC.

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Ron’s Story: We Support Local Healthcare

I have lived in Warwick since 1948. Of course, St. Anthony Community Hospital was a very different place at that time. But what has stayed the same is that it is always here for all of us. The staff knows what they’re doing and they do it well.

My wife Marge and I have donated to the hospital for many years. This is an extremely important local resource that uses contributions to support the healthcare it provides our community.

St. Anthony has been important to my family. My mom worked in the Medical Records Department in the 1950s. Over the years, we have received care at the hospital many times. Our two children were born there and my wife had major surgery there. When I became extremely ill, St. Anthony’s doctors ran extensive tests before they referred me elsewhere for specialized care. I was impressed — they knew what was beyond the purview of their expertise. They did everything right. 

Many years ago, I was on the Foundation Board of Directors and then served on the Hospital Board. It was inspiring to see how St. Anthony’s leaders and staff were committed to do their best for the town and the hospital. I know that commitment still holds true from everything we continue to see.

One of the best things a community can have is a hospital like ours. When we send our charitable gifts, we always request that they be used for the Warwick Healthcare Campus, since St. Anthony is part of a larger healthcare network. Marge and I are proud to make donations that help support our local hospital, and we thank others who do the same. We are lucky to have St. Anthony.

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Kelly’s Story: Lifeline to High Quality Care

Kelly Decker has seen time and again how Bon Secours Community Hospital is our tri-state lifeline to high quality healthcare.  As a husband, father, educator, first responder, patient, and the Port Jervis mayor, he understands how important it is that we can count on Bon Secours’ staff for top-notch, compassionate care.

Kelly Decker is beyond grateful to the teams at Bon Secours Community Hospital for providing excellent care and taking the time to patiently explain each step in his treatment. Even during the most stressful days of the pandemic, he said the staff cared for him — and countless others — with respect and kindness. 

“Donations to Bon Secours – from people like us – help ensure that our community continues to receive state-of-the-art healthcare. Let’s stand together to support our local hospital.”

— Kelly Decker, Port Jervis Mayor, Port Jervis Teacher, Lifelong Port Jervis Resident

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