Karen’s Story: Pure Gold

Karen Gauvin knows the ins and outs of great healthcare. She spent much of her career working in hospitals, sub-acute rehabilitation and home care. 

Her high regard for the staff at St. Anthony Community Hospital mostly comes from her father’s multiple inpatient stays there. “The staff are amazing,” Karen said, “I was impressed straight through all aspects of Dad’s care. He received excellent medical attention and was much loved.”

Karen now works in real estate in Warwick. The hospital is one of her selling points. “I always talk about St. Anthony; it is pure gold, right here in the heart of Warwick!”

Also a member of the hospital’s Foundation, Karen said that she hopes community members appreciate the importance of doing what they can – large or small – to support local healthcare. “We are a nonprofit that uses contributions to advance health services, and every contribution helps make a difference. I donate and serve on the Foundation because I am grateful, I want to give back and I want to do my part to make Warwick an even better community.”

Karen Gauvin is a Warwick resident, Bon Secours Warwick Health Foundation Board of Directors member, Licensed Real Estate Broker/Owner, OUR HOUSE Real Estate Group, LLC.

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