Phyllis’s Story: Strong Connections Lead to Deep Gratitude

“If you’ve made charitable gifts to the Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, we may have spoken over the phone. I volunteer to call donors and thank them for their gifts. At Good Samaritan, we want to share our gratitude for your support.

“I have strong emotional connections to Good Sam. Raising three sons and growing older with my husband here, it has always been our hospital. It’s part of our family history, from the birth of our youngest son to the life-saving surgery our middle son needed as an infant. When I drive by the building on Lafayette Avenue, I still see the window I looked out while waiting for him to wake up from surgery.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016, my emotional connections with the hospital were critical to my patient experiences, from diagnosis to surgery and from subsequent treatment to recovery.

“We are so fortunate to have Good Samaritan in our ‘backyard.’ The care we can receive here is, in part, in our hands — so let’s all do what we can, small or large, to help make sure Good Samaritan continues to provide the care we need.”

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