Rabbi Robert’s Story: Celebrating Life, Family and Gratitude

“I want to keep saying, ‘Thank You,‘ over and over again,” said Rabbi Robert Lam. “I am alive and healthy because I got the care I needed at the right time and the right place, and for that my gratitude is overwhelming!”

The 65-year-old Pomona resident recalled that his wife wasted no time in calling for an ambulance when he told her that he felt intense pressure on his chest. He said, “The EMTs from Hatzoloh EMS of Rockland brought me to Good Samaritan’s Emergency Department. That is when it was confirmed that I was having a heart attack and needed a stent right away.”

Rabbi Lam said that he has recovered nicely and feels well. He expressed deep appreciation for every person who did what was necessary to help him. “I am so fortunate that Good Samaritan’s doctors were able to save my life. I also am thankful to all the other staff at the hospital who took such good care of me and made my experience there as pleasant as possible.” 

Knowing that philanthropy helps the hospital continue to invest in patient care, Rabbi Lam reflected on the importance of tzedakah, the Hebrew word used to signify charity. “Community support for the hospital benefits all of us,” he said. “Good Samaritan goes beyond saving the life of the patient. When you save one person, you save a whole family and a community.”

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