Neil’s Story:  After Falling Off a Roof, a Carpenter Makes a Remarkable Recovery

Neil Ericksen, a 61-year-old carpenter and Broadway set builder who lives in Hurley, is lucky to be alive. He credits his miraculous recovery to HealthAlliance Hospital and the doctors and nurses at Westchester Medical Center.

Neil suffered severe injuries when he fell off a neighbor’s roof while trying to fix a leak. He was initially brought to HealthAlliance Hospital in Kingston and was then transported to Westchester Medical Center for treatment. Neil spent two months in a medically induced coma there due to brain injuries. He also had severe injuries to his shoulder and arm.

“I know that I fell 25 feet and that my girlfriend found me,” he said. “I don’t remember much else except waking up months later at Westchester Medical Center.”

What Neil does remember is the kindness and skill of the nurses at Westchester Medical Center. “The severity of the accident was such that I am very lucky to be alive. I can walk and talk, and that is a miracle. The nurses were very caring and experienced,” he said. “They were absolutely selfless and dedicated.”

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