Lana’s Story: Care Close to Home Gives Kingston Resident Piece of Mind

Lana Kaminskaya of Kingston is grateful that she can receive treatment for an aggressive form of breast cancer close to home.

Lana, 75, discovered a lump in her breast during a routine self-exam in October of 2022. When further tests confirmed that it was cancer, her doctors immediately began chemotherapy treatment at the Infusion Center at HealthAlliance Hospital. Since then, Lana’s tumor has shrunk. Her doctors continue to monitor her progress.

Lana is so grateful she receives care just minutes from her front door. “People told me I need to get treatment in New York City and I said no. Without family support, without your own bed, you can’t heal,” she says. She is also thankful for the hospital’s Oncology Support Program, which has connected her with various local resources and help groups. Lana says, “My doctors and nurses are amazing, and so is the community’s support. It really matters when so many people are behind you.”

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