Chloe and Contessa Gee

Chloe and Contessa’s Story: Life-Saving Heart Surgery for Yonkers Twins

Chloe and Contessa Gee of Yonkers underwent heart surgery in July of 2020 when they were two months old. Their mother, Saleena Gee, was just 23 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to the twin girls at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital.

Weighing barely a pound, they were rushed to the Isaac and Naomi Kaplan Family Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (RNICU), where it was discovered that both had small holes in their hearts. Following surgery to close the holes using cardiac catheterization, the girls began thriving and went home two months later.

Saleena thanked the doctors and nurses for giving her daughters, now two, the chance to grow up.  She said with speech and occupational therapy, the girls are now happy and healthy toddlers.

“I feel really blessed that Chloe and Contessa received world-class care at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital,” she says. “Our care team supported us through every hurdle and the girls are thriving today.”

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