Kaylee’s Story: Newburgh Family Happy with Treatment of Three-Year-Old Daughter at MidHudson Regional Hospital

Megan Mata of Newburgh and her husband Gerardo were concerned when their three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Kaylee was having difficulty breathing. They tried saline treatments with a nebulizer, but when Kaylee’s breathing continued to get worse, they took her to the Maria Fareri Children’s Services at MidHudson Regional Hospital.

“I was super impressed,” said Megan, a second-grade teacher in Newburgh schools. “They took her back immediately and were very attentive.” Megan said that doctors recognized that Kaylee was having an asthmatic reaction, and even though she had never had asthma, the shortness of breath was triggered by seasonal allergies. She said Kaylee was admitted and received treatments every two hours.

“We got the best care, honestly. The triage nurse and the respiratory therapist were amazing with Kaylee,’’ said Megan. “Kaylee even asked ‘Can we go back because that place is epic!’ ” 

Now when Kaylee has a coughing episode, Megan and her husband, know just what to do. “The education aspect was really important,’’ Megan said. She said her family will definitely come back to Maria Fareri Children’s Services at MidHudson Regional Hospital again if Kaylee or her new baby brother Jason are ill.

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