Tom’s Story: Margaretville Resident Makes Recovery from Serious Fall Thanks to Local Care

Thomas Maulik, 79, is grateful for the high-quality, patient-centered care he received at Margaretville Hospital after a bad fall in November of 2022.

After attending his great granddaughter’s birthday party, Tom, a lifelong Margaretville resident, came down with a mild illness. He and Christine, his wife of 53 years, thought nothing of it until Tom fell in his home one evening. Too weak to stand, he was taken by ambulance to Margaretville Hospital, a member of the Westchester Medical Center Health Network.

Over the next two and a half months, Tom underwent rehabilitation at the hospital, relearning how to stand and walk thanks to his twice-a-day rehab sessions and the dedicated nurses and support staff who encouraged his recovery. Christine also provided lots of TLC. Since the hospital is in their community, she could visit Tom every day.

“They gave my husband his life back,” says Christine. “We weren’t sure Tom would ever be home again, but thanks to the excellent care he received, we’re back there together, laughing all the time.”

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