Jack’s Story: Margaretville Hospital Diagnosis and Transport to Trauma Center Saves Local Restaurateur  

In an instant, unexpected health emergencies can happen and when they do, every minute counts. Just ask Jack Zamor. A local restaurateur and 16-year resident of Arkville, Jack juggled busy days and appreciated quiet nights. But one September evening in 2020 was far from quiet. Jack had severe abdominal pain and it would not pass. “It was agony and no matter what I did, there was no relief. Convinced my appendix would burst, I reluctantly texted a friend for help,”  he explained.

Jack soon arrived at the Margaretville Hospital Emergency Department where a CT scan revealed a diagnosis much more urgent than appendicitis. Jack was suffering from an abdominal aortic aneurysm. A rupture would likely be fatal. Arrangements were made for immediate air transport to a trauma center.

“Quick diagnosis and decision making saved my life,” recalls Jack. “I remember wheeling from the hospital onto the ambulance. We then traveled to a field behind the supermarket, which was lit by headlights, to an awaiting medevac helicopter. It took a few minutes, but it seemed like forever.”

Today, Jack is fully recovered and remains extraordinarily grateful for the Margaretville Hospital clinical team – and for life-saving access to trauma-level air transport.

Your support continues to make a difference throughout our community for patients like Jack. Together, we can continue raising the bar because we recognize that health challenges come without warning and for so many patients like Jack, minutes matter. 

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